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Getting the most out of your Denver area home

Colorado Custom Basements? Custom is because every project is unique, it doesn’t have to mean over the top expensive. There is not a one size fits all approach to finishing basements, every project is truly customized to suit your family’s specific needs. Don’t think of completing your basement project as just “finishing a basement”, it’s creating an entire new level of your home.

In addition, we pull permits on everything we do to make sure you are fully protected.    This is extremely important as times are changing, and regulations are greatly tightening up.  We are Licensed and insured in 26 municipalities so not to worry, we have you covered.  Also, did you know if you don’t pull a permit and then have an unfortunate problem at your house such as a fire, your homeowners’ policy is rendered void.  We will not be the cause of that. Find a remodeling company that can do it for you.

Finish your basement to get the most out of your project

The next generation of theater rooms will include multiple viewing screens. But whatever your style, ElkStone, Inc. can build custom home theater rooms for your basement theater space that your family and friends are sure to love.

Did you know that three out of every four ElkStone Inc. basement jobs includes a basement bar? Basement bars are extremely popular! Take a moment to browse our gallery full of basement wet bar pictures in a variety of gorgeous styles.
Make a room of your own! Poker, scrapbooking, wine room, exercise room, cigar room, craft room, sewing room, recording studio, photo editing… The possibilities are endless. Whatever room you can think of, ElkStone, Inc. has a solution!

Rec rooms are without a doubt one of the most enjoyable rooms in the house! ElkStone, Inc. can turn any room in your home into a functional game room filled with billiards, ping pong, foosball, ping ball machines, arcade games, air hockey.

ElkStone will tailor your bathroom to match your family’s needs and style. Our innovative and intuitive Project List allows you to select any style and finish for hardware, glass, tile, and fixtures.



Commercial Construction has been on the rise

Metro Denver apartment rents recovered in the third quarter after falling in the early months of the pandemic as tenants continued to fill the new supply coming onto the market, according to the latest Denver Metro Apartment Vacancy and Rent report from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

The average monthly rent for an apartment in metro Denver rose from $1,505.71 in the second quarter to $1,521.66 in the third, a gain of $15.95 a month. The year over year change works out to $15.30. Median rents rose from $1,1453.97 to $1,463.34 between the two quarters, which works out to a gain of $9.37 a month.

“These results negate the concern of an apartment market crashing because of COVID-19 effects, albeit certain localized situations are likely,” Ron Throupe, associate professor of real estate at the Daniels College of Business, said in the report he co-authored.

The vacancy rate for apartments decreased from 5.1% in the second quarter to 4.9% in the third. A year ago, the vacancy rate was 4.7%. A majority of counties reported decreases in the vacancy rate. The report counted 2,119 new units added, with 2,910 additional units occupied, a sign the new supply wasn’t contributing to a glut in the market.

Construction companies are moving in hords to the Denver market to capitalize on the rapid growth the commercial sector has seen.

The glass facade has topped out over at the 30-story Block 162 development. With the exception of the hoist elevator and a few holes left from the tower crane anchors, we are now able to see a mostly completed version of this all-glass building.

Let’s start with a few views of the tower from Auraria. While the smoke from the wildfires and haze in the sky does not make for great photos from a distance, you can still see that the glass on Block 162 sports a slightly more purple-hued glass when comparing it to 1401 Lawrence and 1144 Fifteenth Street. In addition, the tower adds a nice modern element to the middle of downtown which is dense with earth-toned buildings.

With its moderate climate and breathtaking scenery, Colorado attracts millions of millennials, families, and retirees. Denver provides a sophisticated metropolitan area that just happens to offer easy access to hundreds of miles of streams and rivers, world-renowned ski resorts, hiking and riding trails and camping. We understand the needs of this dynamic area and are fully prepared to partner with you on construction projects ranging from hospitals and schools to transportation, solar, and water/wastewater treatment plants — we're Denver construction professionals who work with you to ensure successful achievement of your short- and long-term strategic goals.

The most common tool that these construction companies will use is the cabinet saw which is designed to be a professional woodworking equipment.

Construction Business

The Construction Business In Recession Times

Is now the time to run a construction business?

While running a business is difficult for everyone, there are certain business models that have proven to be withstanding of recessions. Unfortunately, for the owners and employees of construction businesses, they may be very profitable and have more jobs than they can handle when times are good. However, when recessions hit, the construction industry hits the skids and good jobs are hard to find.

I spoke to a friend of mine in the home remodel industry to get an idea of his experience in the business. He is the Co-founder of On Point Builders Home Remodeling Company based in Denver and said "When the 2008 recession hit, business came to a stop almost overnight. Great workers were laid off and nobody made any money in the business."

Will this recession be a repeat of 2008 for the construction and engineering industry?

When diagnosing the construction industry and how likely it is that businesses will go out of business in the next recession, we first need to look at the economy as a whole and what the driving factors are in consumer spending, construction, engineering and the macro-economy.

The recession of 2008 was led primarily by a housing crisis. An over leveraged housing market led to abundant construction, an influx of property buyers and a decrease of equity in these properties. Because the economy built so many extra homes and commercial properties, when the bubble burst and millions of Americans defaulted on their mortgages, the housing industry and home construction in general hit the skids.

Whenever our next recession comes (possibly now), it will not be because of an over leveraged housing market. At least not to the extent it was in 2008. If we slide into a recession, interest rates will drop which is actually a benefit for the construction industry as many projects are financed with bank debt.

While the lowering of interest rates may be a benefit, the decrease in consumer and business income will negate that benefit. When businesses and families don't have the disposable cash flow to spend on remodels or construction, construction companies will be left with their hats in their hands.


Will small construction companies and home remodelers be hit as hard as mega corporations?

One of the unfortunate facts in our economy is that small businesses such as home remodelers that are trying to make a living in construction are often hit far worse than large, multi-national corporations. While the SBA does have lending programs available for small business owners, they are much harder to qualify for, slower to grant capital and require personal guarantees. The major corporations that build mega-towers and stadiums have access to the capital markets and stock exchange to keep them afloat in hard times, the local remodel company is much too small to have access to these funds and therefore ends up shutting their doors all too often.