Countertop Installation Process and Tools

If you have already built custom cabinets or purchased them from a reputable contractor, it is now time for you to install a countertop.

You may have already learned about the different types of kitchen counters and the pros and cons of each. I find that the majority of homeowners choose their countertop based on appearance and price. Other factors such as durability and weight may play into the equation a bit, but they definitely aren't the main factors that move the needle. We'll still cover them briefly below.

Types of kitchen countertops

Depending on the look you are going for, space you are looking to cover and price point that you are looking at, you may have several options to consider when selecting a countertop.

Granite and other stone

While stone countertops look great in most homes, they are even more prized for their durability. This is a hard rock that is thousands of years old after all.

The downside...price. These are not cheap options. The larger piece of stone you're looking for, the price goes up exponentially. Keep in mind that these stones are shipped whole from the quarry. To have one large slab cover a large counter costs a small fortune.


A more economical option, but looks a bit dated. When you upgrade to tile, you won't have the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen in the neighborhood, but it will be far from the worst. It is at a better price point than the stone, but is not as versatile or tough.


Just save your money until you can afford to do it right. These countertops are fine for a wash room or a shop...but not for your kitchen.

If all else fails during your kitchen remodel, you can call a high-end contractor to finish your project. Most of the time, they'll be able to make use of the products that you already built.

Some contractors get a bad reputation based on past performance or misleading their clients. While there are a few bad apples in every business, there are also great people in this industry. I have a great friend who is a home service contractor. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him for a kitchen remodeling project.